Bond Girls
The Best of 007's Girls

Favorite Bond Girls

The James Bond franchise is undoubtedly one of the most popular and bankable movies ever. The Bond movies are almost always a blockbuster, both in theatrical runs and DVD releases. The story of the English secret agent seems to have captured the hearts of moviegoers from all over the world, hence the success of the franchise. However, aside from the lead protagonist, the other characters that make Bond movies so intriguing are the Bond girls.

Bond girls are often victims rescued by Bond, fellow agents or allies, villainesses or members of an enemy organisation; sometimes, as with many 'pool' scenes, they are mere eye candy and have no direct involvement in Bond's mission.

The role of a Bond girl is typically a high-profile part that can give a major boost to the career of unestablished actresses (for example Jane Seymour, Rosamund Pike), although there have been a number of Bond girls that were well-established prior to gaining their role (for example Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, Halle Berry).

Furthermore, Academics have analysed hours of Bond movies in a bid to discover what sort of woman the MI6 spy goes for and the results show that out of 195 female characters, 59% are brunettes. They tend to have American accents and carry guns. The other interesting fact that came out of this "research" is that the blondes do not get Bond's corny one liners...

Domino Petacchi played by Kim BasingerJinx played by Halle Berry
Wai Lin played by Michelle YeohXenia Onatopp played by Famke Jansse